Wednesday, March 21, 2007

So What's HurricaneTeen Been Up To?

I cannot believe it has been so long since I have posted.
Time flies faster every day, doesn't it?
Well, I've been conjuring up a lot of schemes lately, so I have been busy...and this is the latest:
  • School
  • Swamp Trekking (post about this soon)
  • Reading
  • Castnet Knitting (post about this soon)
  • Hanging out with friends (post about this soon)
  • Tending to my Datil Peppers (post about this soon)
  • Buying a piece of land in Flager Estates (post about this soon)
  • Starting to work A LOT more to help pay for the above plan.
  • *Trying* to get a second job as a reenactor in St. Augustine...more on this, too.

I am going to get to writing these posts TONIGHT so I can post them in rapid succession (one every two days!)

...But first...I must go study for a precalculus quiz tomorrow and take a shower...School and hygiene take precedence over blogging...


SophieMae said...

Hey! Good to see you posting again. Sounds like you've been really busy. Looking forward to hearing about your latest adventures.

Paintsmh said...

Nice to have you back.

gramgoldshoes said...

Welcome back Am very interested in the things you are doing as always.

Hurricane Teen said...

Thanks all! Post coming tomorrow morning!

Paintsmh said...

HEY!! I thought we were gonna get some new posts. What happened?

Hurricane Teen said...

A 20-30 page paper in my creative writing class happened. :-0

Paintsmh said...

Youch...Sorry...That has got to be so painful.