Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A Pictoral Summary of my life this summer...

That's me in the penguin suit.

As soon as the shutter clicked on this picture, this little wild hog darted into the woods.

Withlacoochee River

My Sons of Confederate Veterans camp's color guard...No, I'm not in this picture :-D

School never truly ends.

They keep me sane.



Paintsmh said...

I so wanna try those peppers!

Hurricane Teen said...

Maybe next summer - when I have peppers coming out of my ears - I can send you some! Or maybe later on this fall when the second harvest comes in. I already have 6 different people lined up for peppers, and it's tough to accomodate all of them! But I will get some to you sometime!

Paintsmh said...

OOHHH...sound sssooo GOOODDD!!! What a great friend!! And trust me, I am patient, so I can wait. Besides, my mommy is nice enough to grow me some peppers. Not even sure what they are, and there are no nice little pepers yet, seeing as our season is so far behind yours, but I am hoping and holding out for at least a few.

Anonymous said...

Great Peppers and okra Grandpa would sure be proud of you knowing his pepper seeds got you started

SophieMae said...

Nice crop! I was just thinking about ordering some datil pepper sauce.

The penguin adventure looks fun! But why weren't you in the SCV pic?

Good job getting that pig shot. We saw several at the refuge last week and 3 little ones on the way home. None was willing to pause for a pose.

Hurricane Teen said...
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Hurricane Teen said...

paint - I hope your peppers turn out okay...but they won't be as good as datils! :-D

anonymous (aka Grandma) - Thank you. I have thought of that recently.

sophie - You should get yourself a bottle! Buy from Minorcan Datil...They are the best in my opinion.
The penguins costume was very hot...But I had such a good time.
I am not in the SCV picture because I don't have my full sergeant's uniform yet...which is a requirement for the color guard.
"Good job getting that pig shot." The first though that runs through my mind upon seeing/hearing that is not photography! ha ha...Kind of like somebody saying "The moon shine's bright tonight!" My first thought is certainly not about celestial objects! You know you're a Floridian if...

Floridacracker said...

Datils look good. I am still guarding mine from the deer, but you are ahead of me.
I grow my Grandpa's seed too.

Hurricane Teen said...

ha ha, don't have to worry about deer here in suburbia...only pepper weevils.
Doesn't it just make it that much more special knowing that you are caring for the descendents of your grandfather's plants?