Friday, July 13, 2007

Finding hidden treasure...right around the corner!

My parents tell me from time to time that I have too many hobbies: Kayaking, hiking, growing vegetables, meteorology, geneology, castnet knitting, storytelling, The War Between the States, reading, writing, blogging...the list goes on and on. I suppose they are correct; I often have so many things I need and want to do that I simply don't know what to do with myself! Well you can go ahead and tack on another thing to that list:
I was reading through SophieMae's Florida Cracker Crumbs blog a few weeks ago, and I came across her link to I'd heard of geocaching before, and I had always thought that it would be intersting, but never had the chance to try it out...So I thought I would go check out the website and see what I could do.
This seemed to have opened up a whole new world to me! A search revealed over 3000 "hidden treasures" within 10 miles of where I live, one of which I actually walked by many times every day at work, oblivious. "Geocaching" is the use of a GPS to find caches ("hidden treasure") in some remote and some not-so-remote areas of the world. It combines being outdoors with a sense of discovery: Two of my favorite things! I was immediately hooked.
I excitedly entered the coordinates of a few caches into my GPS, and away I went! Here's some of what I found (more to come later today):

If you like the outdoors, and love adventure, then you will love geocaching. This sport is becoming accessible to most folks now that the price GPS devices are dropping so quickly...The Garmin eTrex Legend that I bought less than 2 years ago for $180 can now be bought for less than $110. So go out and find yourself some hidden treasure!


rcwbiologist said...

Ah, yes, geocaching is fun. I was turned on to it after a person asked permission to place one at Woods Bay State Natural Area where I worked at the time in 2000. I don't have a GPS unit, but am still able to find most of these with a clue and a little luck. I've even taken the cub scout den out to find one near us. It's fun to do when you travel somewhere on vacation as well. They are now all over the country.

SophieMae said...

I figgered you'd love it. 8-] I need to dust off my GPS and get back out there. I think the guy who started the whole thing might be a distant cousin. Next, I'd like to start finding benchmarks.

pablo said...

Think about it. You're receiving messages literally from outerspace telling you where to find hidden treasure. What's not to like?

Scott aka Florida Native Musings said...

Hey this is Too Cool. Thanks to you and Sophiemae. I got my kids on the websites this weekend as they are heading up the Panhandle to spend a week with the Grandparents. We found around 10 or so within miles of my Parents home in Blountstown. They plan on showing "GrandMa and GrandPa" how to do this. Just have to get them some things to leave behind.

Thanks again for the post.

Yours in the Bond.

Paintsmh said...

That actually sounds like a whole pile of fun.

Casey said...

Your blog is great, I accidentally came across it while searching for tips on datil pepers. anyway I'd Like to write more, I am also a young (though not as young as you) floridian of minorcan dissent, and would like to write more, please hit me up at

Floridacracker said...

But can you shoot a bearing with a traditional compass and navigate with it?
I bet you can.
Everyone should have that skill first.
GPS batteries sometimes fail.
A real compass will get you home.

Geocaching is a neat activity, there are several in my favorite little wild area.
Have fun! One more hobby to add to your list.

Hurricane Teen said...

rcw - They're everywhere! You can find a GPS for under $100 now, so whenever you have some extra $ laying around, buy one and get into it!

sophie - THANKS!!

pablo - Amazing, eh? This was unthinkable 20 years ago...even 10 years ago pretty far-fetched!

scott - Wow! I'm glad you got into geocaching! It's addictive!

paint - Almost as big as the cow "piles" you step in every day?

casey - Well thank you, I'll go check you out!

fc - Nobody should go into the wild without this knowledge or at least a good, solid knowledge on physical waypoint navigation (the sun, big trees, creeks, etc.) To do so would be foolish. But I'm preaching to the choir here!

Paintsmh said...

Not sure if it would be as big, but definitely not as messy...

Rurality said...

No such thing as "too many hobbies"! :)

A person with many hobbies is never bored.

misti said...

Hey there, link click from Pure Florida and other places. I've been caching for about four years now. My husband and I are "SeaAggies" and you should check out

SwampAngel65 said...

I just stumbled upon your blog tonight and must say I like what I see! I know this post is a little behind, but I've been caching for 4 years now and LOVE it! It is definitely a great hobby to have that can take you to some really out of the way places. Hope you've continued caching!! (BTW, my caching name is Gladeslvr & Crew, down in South Florida and friend of the SeaAggies who posted before me)

Cache On!

Anonymous said...

I'm just getting caught up on your blog (I'll be putting it into my Bloglines account). I love geocaching. A great way to get outdoors and explore. There are quite a few in N. FL. I can't wait until Sage is old enough to really appreciate it.
I'm looking forward to school as well. Stop by my new room (615).