Tuesday, November 13, 2007



If you scroll down a little on this page, you will see a picture of a sign that advertises a "41 Unit Approved Subdivision" for sale. I see this sign every day on my way to school, and I have wondered when and how this subdivision could have been approved. You see, I read the agenda and the minutes of every county commission meeting in my home county, and I never remembered having a development approved on this piece of land.
Just this past month, a meeting was held and that development was on the agenda.
They were....SHUT...DOWN!
The newly-elected county commission here is not lining their pockets with developer's cash (unlike the prior one,) so they have put a stop to development in much of the county. God bless them.
The real kicker is that one of the commissioners wondered aloud about why the sign out front said a "41 Unit APPROVED Subdivision" was for sale. He also wondered whether it needed to be referred to the state government as a matter of false advertising. HA HA!
Good for them. I love this county commission!


Paintsmh said...

Score one for the ruralists, zero (at least there for the moment) for the big city developers who have no respect for what came before them!

eyemkmootoo said...
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SophieMae said...

AWRIGHT! Great to hear about some politicians who remember their JOB is to SERVE the people, not their own bank accounts. Our commission is still lining their pockets. The last 2 elections had some good opposing candidates, but they keep splitting the vote. >8\

Hurricane Teen said...

paint - Sounds good.

eye - Unfortunately, it's only temporary.

sophie - Our anti-development candidates were smart; they ran in separate districts of the county.

Cathy S. said...

A simliar thing happened in my neighborhood. NOo only were they advertising and selling lots before they got their permit, but they were even cheeky enough to begin clearing land. Including some wet lands. In response, our County Commission has delayed their permits almost a year. We keep hoping they will never get them.

Hurricane Teen said...

cathy - This reminds me of a developer actually having the cojones to clear our a big strip of land through Antietan National Park to lay utilities for their development after various commissions denied their request to do so. Deep, deep doo doo for them...I would really like to know what made them think nobody would notice a big strip of missing trees...
Ugh, I hate them.

Floridacracker said...

How refreshing!
Every little victory counts.

Hurricane Teen said...

Yup. This won't last forever, though...They'll develop it as soon as (if not before) the infrastructure can support it.