Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Different Kind of "Remote"

I found my television remote yesterday.

It was buried in a drawer full of school papers.

I will need them soon when the time to study for exams comes upon me.

But for today, I can bask in the glory of not having to get out of my comfortable chair to turn the TV channel.

Ahhhh, spring break is FINALLY here!


tsiya said...

TV will make you crazy!

Hurricane Teen said...

tsiya - I am well aware. I don't watch much of it, and when I do it's The Weather Channel or The Dealiest Catch/Mythbusters on The Dicovery Channel. All very edumucational.

Paintsmh said...

What? No baseball? I take back my previous comment. You weird.

Just kidding. Though seriously how can you live without baseball?

Hurricane Teen said...

paint - I watch a little bit of baseball if I REALLY have some time on my hands. I love a live game, though!

Paintsmh said...

We're so far from the stadiums, and they are so darned expensive, that we survive on tv games. And since I love is what is on now actually...Mets/Cubs encore game.