Friday, May 09, 2008


No crackerism today as I run off to school and then work afterward and then to my brother's house and then I'm gone all day.
Just a little update:
Datil peppers are coming in like crazy. Just how many, you wonder? You will find out.
Squash and collards are growing beautifully next to each other! But the collards will be gone soon.
Okra and bush tomato plants are still flowering yet.
The AP Calculus test went off pretty well. Some of the questions were impossible to even comprehend after three hourse of pure, rigorous math, though.
Yes, I do know where I am going to college. Yes, it is in Florida (i'm sure that comes as a shocker!). Yes, you will find out where soon.
I went to the Sons of Confederate Veterans Florida Division Reunion in Ocala this past weekend, and met one of my heroes. You will find out who in a later post.
I am finished knitting on my castnet, but there's still a good bit of work left to do on it. It is currently hanging with 80 pounds of weight on its bottom outside Stuart Pacetti's garage.
There will be many updates when I am free from school...


Paintsmh said...

sigh and we have to wait...oh well...what was the answer to the last crackerism?

SwampAngel65 said...

Wow, you get out of school early! Lucky you.

Can't wait to hear all your updates!

chrissquires8 said...

I used to live in Jax Beach and that's where I got my introduction to the datil pepper. I have since moved away but I need to get my datil "fix."
I used to buy my plants from a couple of sources but my main one was that feed store just west of St. Augusine on 16.
What I'm asking is if you could pick up a few plants and mail them to me. Can you send me an email as I now live in my home state of Michigan.

Hurricane Teen said...

paint - not much more waiting

swamp - Seniors get out earlier than everyone else. The little ones get aren't out of school till June 7th :-D

chriss - You used to get your plants from Tommy Allen's place. I just recently wrote about that place. I'll get in touch with you.

Paintsmh said...

Sigh...still too much!!!