Thursday, October 23, 2008

I've Had It...It's the final straw

I generally don't talk politics on this blog.
But I've had it.

Just the latest in a line of McCain supporters being physically attacked by Obama supporters:

That's right. A 'B' carved into a woman's face simply because she had a McCain bumper sticked on her car.

My humble question...And, as an American citizen of voting age, I have a right...A ask this.

How can we possibly even consider electing a man like Barack Obama to the most powerful position in this nation?

1 : He has no experience. 4 years in the U.S. senate and 4 years in the Illinois legislature does not prepare a man to be President of the United States.
2 : His ties to people who are...
Blatantly racist (Jeremiah Wright)
Unrepentant terrorists (Bill Ayers)
Commiting election fraud in his favor (ACORN)
3 : His obvious socialist views: "When you spread the wealth around, it's good for everybody."

I'm not even going to mention his naive view on taxes and the economy...I really don't have the time for any of this tonight, but it's got to be said...I've seen too much of this...
...And I've seen too much of the liberal elite media neglecting to call any of these serious issues into question. They're in the tank.

And now this...A man's home shot up because he has McCain signs in his front yard:
What if McCain supporters were perpetrating these sick crimes against Obama supporters? The public outcry would be DEAFENING! WHERE THE HELL IS THE OUTCRY?!?!

Our nation is in serious danger. WAKE UP, AMERICA!!!!!!


SophieMae said...

Our nation is in serious danger.
I'm afraid you're too right. If Obama gets in that office, the republic is dead. I've heard too many Republicans say they're fed up with McCain, so aren't going to vote for either candidate. I hope they finally figure out they'll only be helping Obama.

Sharon said...

Wise beyond your years, my boy.

Hurricane Teen said...

sophie - I've heard the same thing. I'm not really Republican, though I'm socially conservative (probably the same as you :-D)
My vote goes to a man that has proven himself through his record, not a man who says one thing and does another. This whole thing is starting to make me sick.

sharon - I've heard that many times, though when I go back and look through the 2+ years of archives on my blog, I realize how far I've come! Thanks for the compliment ;-)

Xydexx said...

And now, the truth:

Police: Woman With 'B' Scratched In Face Faked Political Attack

Joey B said...

You're obviously intelligent... I've been reading your blog long enough to pick that up. But I can't understand why you're regurgitating half-truths about Obama.

There are lot of things I don't know about either candidate.

Regarding #1

McCain was, at one time, an amazing legislator. He broke with the party line when he felt that his constituency would not be served by their policy. Frankly, I think McCain is a little too aggressive in his foreign policy. But where it really broke down for me was his choice of running mate. Palin had little business being Alaska's Governor, much less next in line for the Presidency. She has proven time and again that has little ability to think beyond the confines of her own stunted belief system and she thinks government can be run like the PTA. It was a clear message to me that McCain's interest was doing what he thought could get him elected, not what was good for the country. I don't care how much experience you have, once you start acting incompetent in the present, you negate any claims to experience in the past.

So what we are left with is a questionably senile old man and a poorly informed, hypocritical "hockey mom" or an "inexperienced" U.S. Senator and his 5 term, middle of the road Senator VP nominee. Choose. Now. You’ve got four years to live with your decision.

Regarding #2

The things that I've questioned about Obama, I've actually taken the time to read about... you know, from unbiased sources. What do you disagree with that ACORN has done? Its work to ensure low to middle income families have access to health care and affordable housing? Its work to help Hurricane Katrina victims?

I know... it’s their work to register voters, isn't it? Because you believe that ACORN is involved in massive voter registration fraud, right?

What do you know about it... really? Tell me what they've done. Because everything that I've read that bothers to go beyond the fact that ACORN received fraudulent registration forms notes that they have followed the legal requirements and flagged them as problematic. They have been upfront with the issue that fraudulent registrations have been taken and possibly even submitted by their employees. Yikes! and then they fired them... and cooperated with prosecutors and the FBI. Where does and organization's responsibility for the actions of its employees end?

And what about Bill Ayers? What was the connection to Obama? Bill Ayers is a douchebag. We agree on that. But the connection between the two was tangential at best, and that is obvious to anyone that knows anything about how politics work in the real world. They served on the boards of two non-profits together. Ayers hosted a meet and greet for Obama's first run for Illinois Senate. The Ayers connection there was more with Alice Palmer than with Obama.

If this kind of connection is enough to link someone to another's nefarious past, then I have no doubt that both you and I could be tied to child molesters, the Klan, drug dealers and jack-o-lantern smashers.

As for Wright... I don't really know much about him. I've heard bits of some sermons that I don't necessarily agree with. There are statements that he perpetuated (like the US government made HIV) that are pure craziness. But I've heard sermons in my own church growing up that I didn't agree with and would disclaim today. But if you read some of those sermons about American foreign and domestic policy... the ones that got everybody up in arms... he was largely right. The US government does do a lot of things that make us look overbearing in the eyes of the world. And the US government has treated Native Americans, minorities (probably even MINORCANS) and women as second class citizens in our history. The really funny thing is that McCain defended Obama and his connection to Wright during the Democratic primary when Hillary was beating up on him.

"I think that when people support you, it doesn't mean that you support everything they say. Obviously, those words and those statements are statements that none of us would associate ourselves with, and I don't believe that Senator Obama would support any of those, as well."

Regarding #3

"My attitude is that if the economy's good for folks from the bottom up, it's gonna be good for everybody. I think when you spread the wealth around, it's good for everybody."

What don't you agree with? Do you equate everyone participating in a healthy economy to be socialism?

I understand that there are policy issues that you might have with Obama. But please... argue the real issues and not the fake stories that get thrown out there to confuse things and play on our fears.

Hurricane Teen said...

[This is why I don't mention politics on my blog.]

xydexx - Also sickening, huh? What was she thinking???

joey - I understand that you are saying these are "half-truths" They shouldn't even be half-truths...They shouldn't be true at all. A presidential candidate should not be associated with folks like Ayers, even if the association is "tangiential." The difference between you and him attending church is that he went there as an ADULT, listening to those bigoted sermons, and obviously having no issue with them, as he was a parish member for over 20 years.
About the economy...If we take money out of people's hands (even if they make over 250,000 a year), it cannot be good for the economy. Now, I'm no economic expert, but what I do know is that there will be less investment AND buisnesses will be forced to lay off workers or...even worse...move overseas.
I wish I had more time to discuss this, but I'm home right now and trying to savor North Florida :-D

Debra said...

Joey B: Thank you for being the voice of reason. It always amazes me how the truth around can be twisted around and reported as fact. A large percentage of people in this country still believe that Iraq was behind 9/11. What can you do?