Saturday, September 23, 2006

I'm a rebel soldier...and not too far from my home

So this is me in my period dress. Notice that I do not have the re-encator's infantry coat...I'm just having a hard time justifying spending $200 on something that I will only wear a few times a year. And just to clear things up, I don't usually have that smirk on my face. I just put that on when I am dressed up as such. I've got a couple interesting stories from today, but I am going to leave you hanging for now because I need to go take a shower. Trust me, after spending a hot, dusty day like today in thick wool pants and a wool hat can really get you feeling dirty. Goodnight.


pablo said...

I knew of some re-enactors at an old French fort in southern Illinois that were so authentic in the garb that they measured the number of stitches in an original, antique soldier's shirt and made sure theirs had the same number of stitches in each seam.

captcha word: sqzwcme = squeeze me?

Hurricane Teen said...

Yes, re-enactors can be really diehard. I know of some who starve themselves for a week before going into battle to make it look more realistic. Some of those guys are crazy.
ha ha ha...I think blogger's sending subliminal messages.