Thursday, September 07, 2006

Just Stopping In

I just wanted to stop in and say I am still thinking about whoever may be reading (1 person?) and, yes, I have a burning desire in my heart to post. Unfortunately, school takes up most of my life and then the rest is taken up by stuff that I have set a date to have finished by (I want to finish my 6-foot mullet net by Christmas and I want an 8-foot shrimp net by the time the shrimp run next summer.) Thank the Good Lord I decided not to take AP classes this year.
I got my interim report card yesterday and I got 3 A's and a C. The C being in Pre-Calculus...that's the hardest dang class I've ever taken. Guess what I'm doing after I finish writing this post? Going back to study for Pre-calc. Oh well. You lose your life when you decide to study higher-level math courses...but I will need it for meteorology, so I better get used to it.
And my Steelers play the Miami Dolphins tonight in the absense of Big Ben Roethlisberger, who had an emergency appendectomy a few days ago...that poor guy has been really down on his luck this off-season.
I've got a couple kayak trip reports to post, and whenever I find time, I will do just that.

Thanks for reading,


pablo said...

I visit your blog. Post when you can.

Hurricane Teen said...

Well that's good to know, and I thank you for that! I hope to begin posting more often...

Leslie said...

A mullet net? Don't you know those haircuts are SO "yesterday"?! :)

Hurricane Teen said...

leslie - I cannot sustain my laughter.