Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Home for the Day

So here's the deal. I have come down with a little "bug" and I will be home for the day. So much for my perfect attendance at school this year. Due to the fact that I will be sitting around doing essentially nothing all day, I will have a lot of time on my hands. And, according to the HurricaneTeen Postulate of Blogging, Time=Posts, you will likely have the joy of reading my endless ramblings throughout this beautiful, cloudless, 65-degree morning.

Proof that it actually dipped down into the mid 60's at the HurricaneTeen household this morning. Believe it or not, it got down into the 50s yesterday! But back up the the 80s for today. Oh well, it is Florida. Oh, and yes, you know you like that hot pink thermometer receiver. (It was the only one on sale, okay?!)


Laura said...

Only in Florida do we feel the need to prove that it actually got into the 50's or 60's. Ever notice that? LOL! In other states, they just yawn and roll their eyes at temps in the 60's. But here? It's news! :)
In any event, I am loving this weather. We haven't had temps in the 50's yet, and probably won't until sometime in January, but I live in hope!

Hope you're feeling better and back to school soon!

The Reviewer said...

Wow you posted this at 9:11! I wish I could think of something intresting to make a blog out of... I hate you! Ok not really but whatever! So yea, nice job on everything. It keeps me very entertained.

Hurricane Teen said...

Laura - Yeah, my northern friends always laugh at me when I get excited over 60-degree weather. Oh well, it's always fun.

Ben - Keep trying to think of ideas. I'll link mine to yours to get you started, and it may branch off from there...though we have COMPLETELY different viewing bases. See you tomorrow.

Tom A. said...

I love the pictures, and can believe it went down that low. But that glare is KILLING my eyes.

Tom A. said...

I can believe the temp went that though, but whats really bad is that GLARE, its KILLING my eyes

Hurricane Teen said...

tom - I had to use the flash in order for the numbers to show up