Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Pictures that Blogger Wouldn't Let Me Post

These are a few pictures that I was not able to post on my Julington and Juniper Creek trip reports for a number or reasons (mainly because Blogger is stubborn.) These were supposed to go on here yesterday, but, you guessed it...It decided not to work again. Oh well, here they are. (Photos taken by my dad, by the way.)

This run is filled to the brim with turtles.
Around every bend, you are likely to see a
turtle sitting on a log or swimming in the
crystal clear water. We managed to snap a
picture of these three before two of them
rolled off the log with a splash.

This one tried to be Mr. Tough Turtle, but
when we got too close, he too splashed into
the water and glided underneath us.
This is a little 6- or 7-foot gator that was
nice enough to pose for a few pictures. For
some reason, my dad aligned the frame wrong
and cut off his snout. Probably because of his
shaky hands due to his irrational fear of gators.
Still a nice picture nonetheless.


Floridacracker said...

Good turtle shots!
Tell your dad, it's okay ... all of us have done that sort of thing before.

Hurricane Teen said...

FC - yup, but he was a professional photographer :-D
And blogger screwed up the layout of this post. I need to fix it.

John Cowart said...

When I have trouble posting photos with Blogger, I usually find that I've given the photo a title of more than a single word and that renaming the picture without spaces in the title helps.

Another way I get the photos to take is to resize them to 50%.

This morning I posted three photos of busts of famous writers that I took last night... Er, that's another thing, Blogger seems to work better really early in the mornings than later in the day.

Hurricane Teen said...

John - Thanks a lot for the suggestion. I never though of either of those, but they do make sense. I will try them. Thank you.