Sunday, April 15, 2007

A Victory for Minorcan Heritage in Florida

The St. Johns County School District is constructing a new middle school on my family's old land grant in Mill Creek, FL. The school is located in the World *choke* Golf *gag* Village, and will serve those residents and the kids from the rural areas (the remaining portion of our land grant) surrounding it.

I have wondered for some time what they would name this school, and an elementary school they are building in the same area. I always thought that it would be cool if they named the school after my Minorcan family (Pacetti) in some way.

At a school board meeting last Tuesday, these were the main proposals for the two schools:
Elementary School
Ward's Creek Elementary School
World *choke* Golf *gag* Village Elementary School

Middle School
Pacetti Bay Middle School
Fairways Middle School

....And the winners are....

It's a good thing that Pacetti Bay beat out Fairways, because I would just have to go bang my head on a brick wall if they caved in to naming BOTH schools after golf...

I look at it this way...
Golf has been in Mill Creek for 8 years.
Pacettis have been in Mill Creek for 203 years.

Thank God they let us keep this little sliver of culture in a place where culture is being pushed out for fairways and "World Golf."

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Scott said...

Enjoyed your post on the World Golf Village and Your Land. Like you I am a Native Floridian, You and My kids are both 9th Generation. I am impressed by your love and heritage of our great state and it's great people, let's hope we never lose site of what made us great.


Hurricane Teen said...

Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for the kind word! I hope other people my age will take pride in where they came from, because I cannot save True Florida by myownself. I will be sure to go check out your blog. Thanks again for stopping by!

Scott said...

Your welcome Son. Keep up the good fight. As you know we are still in a state of Occupation from Northern Aggression since 1865.

Yours in the Bond.

Hurricane Teen said...

I agree wholeheartedly.

Anonymous said...

Young feller--Glad to see someone else interested in Minorcan heritage.

Ask your daddy or gramp about an outfit called Minorcan Heritage Foundation formed by X Pellicer and a lawyer from Tallahassee named Green back in the sixties.

Some of us old folks are interested.