Sunday, April 15, 2007

A Victory for Minorcan Heritage in Florida

The St. Johns County School District is constructing a new middle school on my family's old land grant in Mill Creek, FL. The school is located in the World *choke* Golf *gag* Village, and will serve those residents and the kids from the rural areas (the remaining portion of our land grant) surrounding it.

I have wondered for some time what they would name this school, and an elementary school they are building in the same area. I always thought that it would be cool if they named the school after my Minorcan family (Pacetti) in some way.

At a school board meeting last Tuesday, these were the main proposals for the two schools:
Elementary School
Ward's Creek Elementary School
World *choke* Golf *gag* Village Elementary School

Middle School
Pacetti Bay Middle School
Fairways Middle School

....And the winners are....

It's a good thing that Pacetti Bay beat out Fairways, because I would just have to go bang my head on a brick wall if they caved in to naming BOTH schools after golf...

I look at it this way...
Golf has been in Mill Creek for 8 years.
Pacettis have been in Mill Creek for 203 years.

Thank God they let us keep this little sliver of culture in a place where culture is being forced out to make way for fairways and "World Golf."

You can read the whole story at

I'll have more on this tomorrow with:
  • The significance of Pacetti Bay.
  • My comments on "World Golf Village" beating out "Ward's Creek"


Paintsmh said...


Floridacracker said...

Hooray for Pacetti Bay!

Hurricane Teen said...

paint - mmmhmm.

fc - The sad thing is that most people will still not know the significance of that name...But I guess the same goes with Gamble Rogers Middle School and Allen D. Nease High School. Oh well, at least it's there! My dad suggested that I write a little thing about Pacetti Bay and send it to the principal so that it can be posted on their website. We'll see.

Paulette said...

This is Paulette Perhach, a reporter for the Record. I found your blog while doing research on Ward's Creek. FYI: The school district will be renaming WGV Elementary because it's a trademark. "Ward's Creek Elementary" seems like a frontrunner for the new name.
I'm interested in your blog. E-mail me at if you'd like to discuss it.