Sunday, October 28, 2007

DOH! And other news...

I had a new reader on my blog today, Eyemkmootoo, who left a comment about my prior post along with a link to some of his writing. I went to his blog and enjoyed it very much, so I decided to add him to my blogroll. When I went to edit my blogroll, *DOH!* I noticed some serious omissions that needed to be corrected. Therefore, along with the addition of Eyemkmootoo, the following very worthy bloggers have been added to my blogroll:

Rural Wat - Fascinating entries written by a biologist specifically focusing on Carolina Bays (a kind of swamp) along with other interesting natural things.

Florida Native Musings - Interesting blogging from a fellow native Floridian. Haven't seen much of him lately, unfortunately.

Buckin' Junction - How I did not have my most loyal reader on my blogroll, I will never know. Interesting reading about life on a dairy farm from my most northern fan :-D Also involves more information about the PBR circuit than I could ever imagine.

In other news, my grandma had her annual halloween taco party yesterday. This tradition involves cramming over 20 Floridians into a tiny house eating large amounts of Mexican food...Just the way I like it :-D I rarely have the chance to see much of my cracker side of the family, but the Halloween party is one of the times I get to reunite with them. Let's just say it is very loud, it involves huge amounts of food and large amounts of football (Florida-Georgia game!), and everybody is in everybody else's way...If that is not the perfect definition of my family, I do not know what is. I love that side of my family...I feel really at home there. The point of telling about this is to try to find out if there is anybody else out there who has an annual Halloween taco party. I submit that we are the only family in the world who does such a thing. One of our many idiosyncracies.


Scott aka Florida Native Musings said...

Point taken my Fellow Native. Got one up tonight. I one day wish I can be as consistent as our Icon FC on Pure Florida.

Hate our Gators did so bad, hate it for Tebow more than anything. He seems like a fine young man and it does our state proud to have him as the leader of the Gators.

Glad to see you had some good eatin during it and enjoyed your Family. Cherish them like I know you do. They will be gone one day and all you will have is these weekends in your head.

Yours in the Bond.

rcwbiologist said...

No taco party here, but I want to be invited to next years. Thanks for the link.

Paintsmh said...

Ohhh Tacos...can I come? I'm not a Florida native or anything, but I want one!

Anonymous said...

Hey there.. very interesting your thoughts.. I am a grad student over in gainesville and a gardener. I am very interested in the traditions of the Menorcans, especially the datil and Menorcan foods. A friend and I have started doing a research project on Menorcan gardens.. so far we have met Stuart Pacetti and Yano Serra. We need your help... We want to meet more Menorcan gardeners and see their gardens. We are trying to determine what Menorcan crops there are, other than Datil, which is obviously very important... We're also trying to incorporate info on past generations and their gardening activities... If you are interested in helping us out by helping us find some more gardeners let me know...We'd love to have you come along with us to visit folks... We are going to be in St Augustine area from Friday mid day through the weekend... You can email me at or call me at 918 606 4400.. My name is Jay.. Hope to hear from you!!

Hurricane Teen said...

Scott - Yeah, FC's got it down. I'm getting there, I hope. My life's just not interesting enough and I haven't lived long enough to have a lot of interesting stories to support a daily blog.
I don't know about Tebow...I know about 8 or 10 guys who played ball with him at Nease, and they say we was a real partier/drinker/notsopleasant. They say he bragged about all that. I would like to think he's nice, though.

RCW - I don't think we can cram anybody else in! The backyard was filled with cars and the road was lined with them.

Paint - I'll mail you one :-D

anon - I'll get back to you.

Jim said...

Hi HC, I've enjoyed your site for a while, so gave you a link on my new blog, Florida Traces. Hope you'll check it out for some more "native" angles.

Floridacracker said...

HT, it's hard to keep up expanding blog rolls isn't it? I'm way behind myself.

We have our taco party on St. Patty's day ...JK ;)

Jay emailed me too, but besides datils, I couldn't think of Minorcan garden favorites that were any different from traditional southern garden favorites. Funny that he mentioned Yano Serra. Yano and I have been friends and school mates since first grade together at Crookshank Elementary.

You do a fine job and Scott was right about cherishing those noisy crowdy family times.
Savor them.

Scott aka Florida Native Musings said...

Found some interesting reading tonight on a Fellow Minorcan.

Admiral Farragut hails from the same island..

[edit] Early life and naval career
Farragut was born to Jorge and Elizabeth Farragut at Campbell's Station, near Knoxville, Tennessee, where his father was serving as a cavalry officer in the Tennessee militia. Jorge Farragut (1755 – 1817), a Spanish merchant captain from Minorca, son of Antonio Farragut and Juana Mesquida, had previously joined the American Revolutionary cause after arriving in America in 1776. Jorge Farragut married Elizabeth Shine (b.1765) from North Carolina and moved West to Tennessee after serving in the American Revolution. David's birth name was James, but it was changed in 1812, following his adoption by future naval Captain David Porter in 1808 (which made him the foster brother of future Civil War Admiral David Dixon Porter).

David Farragut entered the Navy as a midshipman on December 17, 1810. In the War of 1812, when only 12 years old, he was given command of a prize ship taken by USS Essex and brought her safely to port. He was wounded and captured during the cruise of the Essex by HMS Phoebe in Valparaiso Bay, Chile, on March 28, 1814, but was exchanged in April 1815. Through the years that followed, in one assignment after another, he showed the high ability and devotion to duty that would allow him to make a great contribution to the Union victory in the Civil War and to write a famous page in the history of the United States Navy.

yours in the bond

Hurricane Teen said...

jim - I'll get to it :-D

FC - This is the first year I've made it a point to really take in every facet of that party. Fortunately, my cousins will be around for a long time, and they are pure-cut Floridians. I'm going to meet with those UF guys soon...They couldn't catch me this weekend.

scott - I've heard of Farragut. We have a brand new ship at Mayport Naval Station in Jacksonville named after him. Thanks for the information!