Friday, October 12, 2007

Muller Part Four: A Recipe for St. Johns River Mullet

As I have stated in prior posts in this series, the St. Johns River Mullet (freshwater mullet) has always been known as an inedible fish due to its extreme fishiness. A good old Florida cracker and good friend of mine, the famous (or infamous) Stuart Pacetti, has related to me this recipe, however, to prepare freshwater mullet. I have not tried it yet...I will have to sometime.

A Recipe for St. Johns River Mullet
Related by Mr. Stuart Pacetti

1 St. Johns River Mullet
2 Datil peppers, finely chopped
A bit of bacon grease
A pinch of salt
1 heartwood pine board

Prepare a fire out of hickory or any other wood you prefer for smoking, but do not prepare the fire in a smokehouse; keep it outside. Prepare to the mullet to your liking, filleting is recommended for thorough and even cooking. Lay the fish out on the pine board, lengthwise, so the entire fish fits onto the board. Liberally coat the fish in bacon grease. Spread the Datil pepper and salt evenly onto the fish. Let sit for a couple hours, and allow the fire to die down to small flames or hot coals. Lay the board close enough to the fire to receive enough heat, but far enough away to avoid being lit itself. Cook fish for 1-2 hours over fire. Remove the board carefully from the fire, and bring it into your kitchen, with the fish. Throw the fish away. Eat the board.

This is the only recipe I have ever know of for St. Johns River mullet. Enjoy!


Paintsmh said...

"Throw the fish away. Eat the board." Very funny.

SophieMae said...

ROFL! Good one! I'm printing out this recipe to include in my 'keeper' files.

Hope you get a chance to post again soonly. You always have some pretty cool 'stuff' to share. 8-]

Hurricane Teen said...

paint - he tells it better than I do.

sophie - I'm proud to be in your keeper files. I sure hope to be back soonly, too.

Scott aka Florida Native Musings said...

Hey Buddy like your Fred Tag on your website. Welcome to the cause.

yours in the bond

Hurricane Teen said...

Fred and Sam Brownback are the only decent candidates on this election's roster. This isn't Senator Brownback's year, but I think we may see more of him in the future...I can't wait. For now, Fred is our only hope!

Sharon said...

For your entertainment :)

Hurricane Teen said...

sharon - wow...interesting to say the least.

Floridacracker said...

I have a carp and mudfish recipe that is very similar.

Hurricane Teen said...

fc - A Floridian thing, no?