Wednesday, March 21, 2007

So What's HurricaneTeen Been Up To?

I cannot believe it has been so long since I have posted.
Time flies faster every day, doesn't it?
Well, I've been conjuring up a lot of schemes lately, so I have been busy...and this is the latest:
  • School
  • Swamp Trekking (post about this soon)
  • Reading
  • Castnet Knitting (post about this soon)
  • Hanging out with friends (post about this soon)
  • Tending to my Datil Peppers (post about this soon)
  • Buying a piece of land in Flager Estates (post about this soon)
  • Starting to work A LOT more to help pay for the above plan.
  • *Trying* to get a second job as a reenactor in St. Augustine...more on this, too.

I am going to get to writing these posts TONIGHT so I can post them in rapid succession (one every two days!)

...But first...I must go study for a precalculus quiz tomorrow and take a shower...School and hygiene take precedence over blogging...

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Short Swamp Spulunkering

After school yesterday, I went out into the swamp for a little relaxation time and to break in my new (used :-D) pair of Civil War Reenactor's boots. The green is starting to come back on the trees, and the flowering plants are starting to pop up! It has always been my philosophy to look down at the smaller things in order to see the real beauty in nature. Sometimes while we're out searching for that big cypress tree, or that huge gator, or some other big thing, we pass by the beauty right under our noses. That is what I often like to focus on in these swamp trips, so that is what you will see here...Things we may otherwise overlook, but still hold great beauty. (NOTE: If I am mistaken in my identification of some of these plants, PLEASE tell me. The only way to learn is knowing when you're wrong!!)

Swampbottom Skyscrapers

Net Fern?

Durbin Creek...Still too low for an enjoyable through kayak trip. It's been nearly a year since our last full trip!

There's more pictures...But I am tired...And we are turning forward the clocks tonight...And I am going to church early tomorrow...and then taking a kayak trip on Sixmile Creek. So I must hit the hay. Have a good night!

Friday, March 02, 2007

A POST!! And a great quote.

I know, I know, I know. I've been a bad blogger lately. It's already been over a week?!?! Well, I will be back soon enough; I have just been lazy lately.

My dad pointed me to an article in the Florida Times-Union about one of my favorite bands, Mofro. Mofro hails from north Florida, and they (specifically the lead singer and songwriter J.J. Grey) are Floridaphiles like me. They often sing about Florida and its ongoing destruction, and the destruction of the simple way of life in general. One quote in particular stood out to me, and I thought "I HAVE to post this on the blog!" Here it is:

"I asked Grey how he would describe Mofro's sound and he said, 'I'd have to throw in towel on that one...In the end, I'd just say it's from the South, because that was where I was born and raised. That doesn't make me better than anyone else, and it certainly doesn't make me any worse. It just makes me who I am."

Amen, Mr. Grey.

You can hear some of Mofro's songs here, here, and here (my favorites are "Lochloosa" "Fireflies" and "Florida." Be sure to check those out, and be sure to check out their newly-released CD, Country Ghetto.)

Have a Dixie Day!