Sunday, December 03, 2006

Learning Is Fun!!

Wow, surprisingly, on a very busy day, I landed 3 posts here on the Minorcan Factor. My friend, Phil, and I have been studying for a Precalculus test all weekend...literally...and, as a result, we have not really had lives (though I did make a nice trip on Sixmile Creek today.) To put into persective how large this test is, we have been working on the same chapter since October 16th. Not fun, but I think all of the studying will pay off tomorrow. Here's some pictures of us studying, because I have noticed that there is an irreprehensible lack of pictures on the front page right now. Enjoy.

Hmm, so that's...
3 Precalculus books
2 Very Expensive Graphing Calculators
2 Binders
Innumerable Amounts of Jumbled Papers
2 Gatorades
1 Publix Orange Soda
1 Cell Phone
and, last but not least...
2 Nerds/Geeks

This is what everybody's favorite Ukranian, Phil, thinks of Precalculus. Umm, turn your head 90 degrees to the right...I took the picture vertically, and I don't feel like taking the time to rotate it in Photoshop.


paintsmh said...

How well I remember the days of Pre-Calc, always thought it was the worst form of math in the world...then I got to college calc 1 and had a teacher who didn't really have a grasp on the english language. Hope you did well on the test.

Hurricane Teen said...

paintsmh - yeah, it is quite a challenge. But I better get used to it because meteorology is just the practice of using Calculus to describe the motions of the atmosphere. And I think all the studying paid off! :-D I think I did well!