Wednesday, December 13, 2006

My Own Poetry...

I have posted a couple Wendell Berry poems on here lately, and there is even more to come in the future. However, I wanted to share one with you that I wrote at around 2 in the morning, during one of those nights when I just couldn't fall asleep due to my continuous thoughts of Florida. My "Uncle" Stuart put it very well when he told Coastal Living, "I've laid in my bed at night and literally cried at the devastation." Those of you with Florida coarsing through your veins know what we are talking about. Anyway, I am usually apprehensive about sharing poetry, especially works like this that sound like what my generation calls "emo." Nonetheless, I want to share this one with you, and I may decide to post more. We'll see :-D.

An Untitled Poem
By: HurricaneTeen

O what this tree
has been through
over the years
of its life.
From age to age
it's had little
to weather.

But the termites
have crept into
its sprawling limbs.
It is torn,
not fallen,
but falling.

And every limb
felled from its
majestic trunk
is a limb
torn from ours,
never to be

The destruction
is wrought
before our very eyes,
but we are blind.
The termites work
within the tree,
while we plunge
our heads into the sand.

They feed off
off of the tree,
and they feed off of us;
feed off our ignorance.
We allow them to eat
our bodies and souls.

We look to the Lord
with a heart
aching, seeking
to find what is lost,
in futility,
and our souls
will never again
be complete.


Floridacracker said...

Nice HT.
I feel it too.

Hurricane Teen said...

fc - I KNOW you do.

Anonymous said...

Way to go, Hurricane Emo. (Just kidding.) Donald Justice, another poet, wrote some about Florida. I especially love his "South" (a 4 part poem- haunting, nostalgic).
Have you seen the 2K year old cedar (or cypress) in Orlando?
It'a a beautiful sight.
Glad you took the risk to share your poetry with the world.

Hurricane Teen said...

V - Dang, I read my poetry when I share it and think, ah, heck, what was I thinkin'?? lol. I'll have to look up Donald Justice. By the way, have you read today's Florida Times-Union?

Anonymous said...

I've really enjoyed catching up on your blog, especially your heartfelt poetry. I, too, have shed many a tear over the blatant disregard for the natural beauty and heritage of the most wondermous state in the nation.