Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Evidence

These pictures are the evidence from the little critter(s) that has been paying us a visit every night. We're not sure whether he's a coon, armadillo, or possum, but whatever he is, he sure has an appetite for citrus. Maybe there's more than one...Or just one very gluttonous animal. He's taken even more since these pictures were taken and the current satsuma harvest count comes in as follows:

Critter: 14
Me: 2

As you can see, my furry friends have been enjoying my citrus more than I have been. Oh well, I guess I can share. You can also see, though, how great the fruit on the higher branches looks! These pictures were taken at night, by the way, in case you didn't notice!


Paintsmh said...

OOHH...They look so tasty.

MinorcanMeteorolgist said...

they are :-D

Alan said...

I'd say roof rats or squirrels, probably the latter. I have much the same problem.


MinorcanMeteorolgist said...

alan - you may be right. We have been having some squirrels really close to the house lately, and my dog brought me one of them a few weeks ago. They seem to be gone now. Thanks for stopping by!