Monday, May 14, 2007

The End Is Near

I can see it!

Yes, I can feel it!

I can taste it!

...The end of the school year...


Exam week is in full swing, and I am studying my hind quarters off for the dreaded Precalculus exam on Wednesday. Ugh.

Thursday will be the last day of school for me, but I have an event in Ocala from Friday-Sunday that will have me occupied (don't worry, you'll hear about it.) So do not expect any posts from HT until next Monday...I will post again afterward; including the Florida Cracker play.

The good news is that my blogroll has now expanded one line to allow for the indroduction of Rural Wat, a blog that I have been enjoying very much for a couple weeks now. Be sure to check it out; especially if you like swamps.

Also, if would be nice if my fellow Floridaphiles will visit and encourage the new guy on the block, Scott, at Florida Native Musings. I'm sure you will all agree that it's much easier to maintain a blog when you know you have people out there actually reading it!

Well I am off to increase my hygiene points with a hot shower :-D
Have a good night!


Paintsmh said...

Ahhh. Isn't it wonderful to be so close to done for the summer? One final left for me. The feeling is so wonderous!

Florida Native Musings said...

Thanks for the Plug. I did respond to the blog a few days ago concerning Yankees and Us. Hope you enjoyed it.

Good luck in your exams, I am confident you will do fine.

Yours in the Bond.

Paintsmh said...

Hey, are you going to let us see your play? Or do we have to use our imaginations?

MinorcanMeteorolgist said...

Wow, you left this comment RIGHT AS I signed on. I'm being lazy. Come back later, lol. I'm basking in the glory of summertime.

Paintsmh said...

I know how that feels. But you can't just leave us all permenantly. I miss having new HT material to read.

MinorcanMeteorolgist said...

meh. I guess I'll get back to posting this week, because I am pretty much booked straight through the first two weeks of June.

Peggy said...


I found your blog by way of Florida Cracker Crumbs' link to it.

Maybe I will see you out kayaking some time...


MinorcanMeteorolgist said...

Hi Peggy! Thanks for stopping by! I hope to see you out sometime, too...I think I may be friends with your husband on MySpace...but I am not sure.