Friday, June 30, 2006

Back To Suburbia

So I'm back to suburbia after being at my grandma's house in St. Augustine since Sunday. So let's see...I've eaten this week.....
1. Fried Eggs
2. Fried Shrimp
3. Fried Chicken
4. Fried Gizzards
5. French Fries (2 kinds)
And not to mention the butter-drowned grits, that heavenly bread pudding, and that single little fruit salad I had at Schooners....I love grandma's house.

And the past month or so...for a reason so strange I cannot explain why....but I am questioning myself........Would I give up my dream job for my dream home? Would I rather be Director of the National Hurricane Center and live in suburban Miami or have some other job and live in a trailor in the woods.....and increasingly, I choose the trailor. Wow, what a change of priorities. My mom would kill me.

I'll probably post later today and enlighten you all with some of Stuart Pacetti's "Cracker Wisdom"...but I have some pepper plants crying for water and sun right now...gotta run.



pablo said...

I'm from Missouri. Does that make me a Southerner or a Yankee?

Hurricane Teen said...

ha ha, it depends on your beliefs and priotities more than where you live...I have a brother in Chicago who is a southernor :-D...but welcome, Pablo, and thanks very much for the comment!