Saturday, June 17, 2006

Darius: The Immortal Fish

Last July my friend gave me some fish, a Tootie-Frootie Tetra and two Neon Tetra, when he moved out of town. The Neon Tetra killed themselves within a couple weeks, but the Tootie-Frootie Tetra, Darius, has survived for nearly a year with me and for over a year with my friend...So I would estimate him to be 2-3 years old, ancient for a fish of his kind. For this reason, he has earned the tag "The Immortal Fish" from myself and my friends, and he still lives happily and healthily in the 5-gallon fish tank on my desk. As I type he swims back and forth eyeing my and thinking Is it time to eat yet? But one of the most remarkable things about Darius is he liking to play dead and scare the daylights out of me. Three times in the past few months, I have come into my room to find a limp Darius laying on the bottom of the tank...And all three times when I came back with the net to scoop him out, I would find him swimming quickly back and forth and looking me straight in the eye. A victory swim. I can't believe it. Who says fish aren't exciting pets?
Caption: The blur of Darius as he swims back and forth...And yes, that is an Ichiro Suzuki bobble-head doll on the bottom.

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