Wednesday, January 10, 2007


It's a humbling thing standing next to something that was living when Jesus Christ walked this Earth. It is overwhelming to see something so huge, so sprawling, yet so unknown. No, I'm not talking about my former history teacher, Mr. Sarcasm, I am talking about this cypress tree on Durbin Creek. This huge tree stands as a silent sentinel of old Florida, of a time before European man (yes, this includes my ancestors) came and wreaked havoc upon this land. It stands above all around it, even though its height has been nearly cut in half by a lightning strike. It has weathered hurricanes, been spared from logging operations, seen floods and droughts, and towered over the "development" threatening its very existence. How humbling and what an honor it is to have seen something few people here even know exists. But after all it's been through, a quick push of a developer's bulldozer or a few minute's cut with a chainsaw could completely eliminate it. Existing so long, and gone so quickly. This is an unfortunately common theme in my homeland.

Note: That is not me in the picture. That is my former history teacher Mr. Sarcasm.


SophieMae said...

Well, I thought it was scary that FC kept posting exactly what I had in mind. Now you're doing it, as well. That Cracker-wire must be picking up steam. 8-]

Hurricane Teen said...

What were you planning on posting? Great minds think alike :-D

Hurricane Teen said...

never mind, I just looked at your blog :-D

John Cowart said...

Hi Hurricane,
Great photo of that magnificent tree!

FYI: Next Tuesday, 16th, I've been asked to give a lecture, an overview of Jax history (Time, address, etc. on my blog today)at the Argyle Branch Library.

If you and your parents would like to attend, I'd be happy to see y'all.

The libraian assures me they will have copies of my Jax history book for readers to check out.

Floridacracker said...

Nice one. I have a pic somewhere with the same tree about 20 years ago.

Hurricane Teen said...

john - I may be able to make it, and I may not. I rarely go west of the St. Johns :-D I would love to go, though, and I will certainly make plans for it. Thanks!

FC - Small world, eh?