Friday, February 01, 2008


Before you read this entry, I would like you to read the previous one, especially the last section. It can shed some light on this poem.

By: (HurricaneTeen)

A gravel road
cut out of swamp and pine
winds through the memories
of my mind.
My thoughts wind down
this road of memories,
taking me back
to that family of mine.

We lived humbly
among the
cows and swine.
We ate a few gophers,
and a gator
from time to time.
Old folks sat
in rocking chairs,
waving as I
passed them by.
I loved them all dearly,
and I considered them

Our house was
built of cypress,
and our spirit of
heartwood pine.
But our life was
soon to unravel,
like a spool
of cotton twine.

That gravel road
is a highway,
and the pine exists
The rocking chairs
sit empty,
and the people crave
more and more.

I do not recognize
this place
without the hammocks
of palm and oak.
The gophers were
buried and suffocated,
and the land
covered with houses
like a cloak.

Our swamps now sit empty,
The panthers no longer run free.
Our river is choked with toxins,
And shredded are the backs
Of the manatee.

Our culture is dying,
Our Southern flag
No longer can we see.
Our house now sits empty,
No old folks left
To wave at me.

How the heart aches
Inside of me!

Take me back
to my road of memories!
Take me away
from this place!
My people are gone,
but not forgotten.
The extermination
of a race.


Paul said...

You've got rhythm and rhyme- the steady flow of words winding like the path you described- reminiscent of Wendell Berry and Donald Justice.
Keep up the solid writing. Dig through the loam of your memories...
Mr. V.

Hurricane Teen said...

Whoa, V! It's great to see you on here again!
I've been meaning to stop by and visit you recently...It's been a while. Maybe sometime this week.
I have been trying to figure out voicethread, also. It's taking some leisurely "work."
Thanks for stopping by!
...Nice profile picture, by the way!

Cathy S. said...

Very nice work. I have missed your voice and it is glad to hear you again. Never apologize for expressing how you feel. That is what makes you, you and keeps this world a better place. How boring it would be if we all spoke the same! Does your school have a literary magazine? How about your local newspaper? This deserves to be published. So you have decided on a college?

Hurricane Teen said...

cathy - My school does have a literary magazine, and I was featured in it earlier this year...but I haven't submitted this one yet. I know the teacher that is in charge of the magazine will love it. the editors of our local paper would, too, I believe. I've just been faltering :-D
Thanks for the kind words!

tsiya said...

How's the net coming along? I tied one linen net and several nylon nets long time ago, never liked the feel of mono. Used to borrow a sinker mold from Coco Mickler, that was a long time ago for sure!
Looks like a bunch of us have stumbled in here from St. John's County, it's a small world!

Hurricane Teen said...

tsiya - Welcome to The Minorcan Factor! The net's coming along fine. I'm working on the 5'3" row of a 1-inch mesh mullet net that will eventually be 7 foot long. I don't care for monofilament either, but it is by far the longest lasting and the lightest material out there. Do you know Mr. Stuart Pacetti? He is my teacher/mentor/friend/bad influence (just joking on the last one) It's good to find yet another kindred spirit on here.

Elena said...

I love it! made me cry the first (and second) time I read it.

Hurricane Teen said...

elena - Welcome to The Minorcan Factor! I am glad you appreciated the poem...It wrote this on one of those sleepless nights that I sometimes have when things like this are on my mind. Tears are sometimes present.

Floridacracker said...

Well done HT, well done.
Thank you for the kind words below.

Scott aka Florida Native Musings said...

Amen HT. So much I can relate to in your writings my young friend.

When I am Governor one Day I will name you Poet Laureate of this Great State.

Thank you in Advance for you Future Vote.

Yours in the Bond

SwampAngel65 said...

I love that poem. I mean, I really, really love it. It brings up images and feelings that I can relate to. You are a very gifted writer. I know I'll be back over and over again to read it.

And listen, are an excellent blogger! You write with intelligence and feeling that makes reading you blog an experience. Not just useless babble, but REAL stuff. You are unique. Believe me. I write useless babble and only wish that my writings were in your caliber.

I understand breaking from the internet for a while. Your periods away from your blog just fill folks with anticipation! We can wait and be patient, but please don't ever completely forget that you have "fans" out there!

Hurricane Teen said...

FC - Thanks a lot, and I am never disappointed by your writing.

scott - You know you have my vote! Thanks for the kind words. You ought to hear Carl Sharp, Florida's Cracker Cowboy Poet. His poetry readings are more like a long story...It's amazing.

swamp - Thank you, thank you, and thank you. I find that when I don't post it just sits in the back of my head, and I need to get back on here.

gramgoldshoes said...

Hello HT I haven't been on my computer I really enjoyed your writing Keep up the good works It sure brought back some memories Maybe I will be on my computer more often now LUV YA

Hurricane Teen said...

grams - You talk to me like you're some far away reader! ha ha, tell Calvin "Aflac" for me