Friday, February 01, 2008

An Explanation and a Disclaimer

I have hardly been on the computer recently.School work that eats away at my time may be the reason for this. Working on my castnet may be a reason. My pure addiction to the book The Yearling may be the reason. My large growing projects this year may be the reason.
But the real reason is...

I've been trying to unhook myself a little from the internet. I'm still networking with my friends on Facebook and keeping up with the national news, but for the most part, I am disconnecting myself from the World Wide Web. I haven't read a single blog except PureFlorida for months now (Which doesn't help, because after devouring the neverending creativity on that blog I always think "I cannot possibly be that good of a blogger" and become dejected. It's not your fault, Florida Cracker, it's my own complex :-D) It's kind of nice being away, but I would like to start reading again. So if I've been strangely absent from your blogs, it's not that I don't like you, I'm just trying to unhook myself :-D There's many times I wish we did not own a computer.

...Now on to the main attraction...

Tonight I will be posting a poem entitled "Adirolf" that I wrote in the middle of one night this past November. It's received positive feedback from my friends, family, and "Florida's Cracker Cowboy Poet," Carl Sharp, but I've been sitting on it a while for fear that it's too negative..
All that is said in it is true, but I fear that my writings on here are too pessimistic when it comes to Florida. Living where I live, though, and witnessing the urban sprawl and seeing people become less and less respectful, I frankly have a hard time being optimistic about it. (There I go again!)
I would love some feedback and/or constructive criticism on this poem. It's appreciated!


threecollie said...

HT, you are a very talented young man. Way up here in the cold north, far from your lovely home, I was thrilled to see "update" next to your listing in my blog roll, because I love to read your writings and see your pictures. What you have to say about Florida speaks to the loss of wilderness and traditional culture everywhere.
The poem is very well done, at once readable and passionate. I hope you continue to find time, even if it is only occasionally, to share your talent with us here in your blog.

Paintsmh said...

Number one, awesome poem. I love it.

And number two, please don't totally leave. I love your blog. I would miss it so much. I don't have the benefit of your other friends of being able to network with you on Facebook! If you stop with your blog, how will I be able to see what you see when you go into the swamps and such? Hope all is well!

Hurricane Teen said...

threecollie - Well I thank you for the kind words. I have some good material in line for at least the next few weeks...And I have finished my physics class, which took a lot of time away from me...So school workload is a little less which means more time to have a life! It's good to know people are enjoying what I have to say.

paint - I won't totally leave. We'll see how things go when I go off to college this August. It will be a little harder to get into the woods in the middle of the city! But there will be other material to write about. Thanks a lot for stopping by!