Thursday, February 07, 2008

Coke n Peanuts

My travels often bring me past this little pit-stop near my home, which used to be owned by one of my numerous cousins by the name guessed it...Weedman. Though our kin do not own the store anymore, I still often stop by there to buy gasoline and sometimes breakfast when I am traveling especially early. It is a typical rural southern store with the typical crowd and the typical country music loudly playing over the radio. Naturally, it's my kind of place.
One of the great things about Weedman's, as with many other rural stores, is that it sells everything under the sun inside its cramped quarters. From motor oil to "Yoohoo" in glass bottles to boiled peanuts and tractor parts...I mean everything.
One of the many unique things about Weedman's is that is still sells Coca-Cola in those little glass bottles that my parent's generation are always reminiscing about. REAL glass screw-on lids here...yes, you actually have to use a bottle-opener!! (This comes as a shock to much of my generation.)

Whenever I stop in there it is often tempting to me to buy a glass-bottled Coca-Cola and some roasted peanuts, and do something that is also unique to little rural southern areas: Coke n Peanuts. Yes, the peanuts are actually poured into the GLASS bottle and the two are....dreaten....simultaneously.
Today, as my mom and I were heading down to take a look at the property I am buying, I caved in to this temptation and bought a couple bottles and a jar of peanuts.

One thing here is that it is simply not the same with a plasic bottle as it is with a glass bottle. It's just something about an ice cold glass bottle that completes the equation. Oh, and another thing is that the rough peanuts take out the carbonation of that little bottle very quickly. So enjoy, but don't prolong the experience too much!

It's delicious! You should try it!!


threecollie said...

Congrats on the property! I didn't know they still made coke in glass bottles. Wow...

Paintsmh said...

I'm with my mom on both items. Congrats on the property. Too cool that the coke still comes in a real bottle. And dang it your gas is cheap. I may have to move to Florida after all...

SophieMae said...

I was so bummed when the little store in Two Egg closed. Nothing like a coke and peanuts. My coke would have to be a Pepsi, though. Or an RC-cola 8-}

I'm so tickled for you... tell us more about the property you're buying!

Oh, and I am WAY dogging that shirt!

SophieMae said...

OK, this laptop keyboard is still tripping me up. I'm DIGGING the shirt. 8-}

Hurricane Teen said...

threecollie - Thanks! They're getting harder to find...Cheap land AND glass coke bottles, that is.

paint - I took that picture back around September of November, so it's about 20 cents lower than it is today :-D

sophie - A 6-lane superhighway is supposed to be constucted just south of Weedman's within the next 5-10 years. I fear for the charm of that place.
I thought "dogging" was some Panhandle Cracker word that I had never heard here on the Atlantic coast :-D

Paintsmh said...

I like your t shirt too, didn't really pay much attention to it the first time I read through.

And that gas, even with 20 cents more, it is about 30-40 cents cheaper than here!!!

SwampAngel65 said...

WooHoo!!!!! I'm totally jealous and totally happy for you that you're buying some land!!! Awesome! I can only imagine how excited you must be :)

Now, about the Coke and peanuts...I tried it once. Just once. I used a small bag of salted peanuts. Is that what you're supposed to use, 'cause it was kind of gross. But, I am willing to try it again one of these day!

Hurricane Teen said...

paint - Thanks, I am in love with that shirt, too.

swamp - Very, very excited...The coke and peanuts is definitely a love it or hate it thing.

tsiya said...

The real old bottles were green glass, said "St. Agustine, Florida" on the bottom. Now, try to imagine Coke made with sulphur water!

Hurricane Teen said...

tsiya - I'd have loved to see those...They've been finding some of them when they construct things downtown.
Hey, sulphur water tastes fine...the smell just takes some getting used to!

Floridacracker said...

When I posted about coke and peanuts a few years ago I got the most comments ever as I recall.
It's a favorite of mine and a full meal ... protein, fat, carbs.
Good stuff.

Regarding Tsiyas comemnt, when I was a kid, the men in Price's Barber shop in downtown St. Auggie would play some kind of game by reading off the towns on the bottom of the bottles.
I was too little to know the rules.

tsiya said...

The Coke plant was in the building at the corner of Bayview and San Marco. I had a Times Union paper route, and when I rode my bike past in the morning you could hear glass bottles rattling down the conveyor belts. Ozzie's Bakery was just North of Ballard, on San Marco, McCarters Dairy was where Dunkin Donuts is now. I'd get some jelly donuts from Ozzie, some fresh choclate milk from McCarter's, and the next bunch of customers would have jelly spots on their newspaper.

Hurricane Teen said...

tsiya - Oh, the good old days when downtown St. Augustine actually had businesses other than souvenier shops and restaurants! My mother loves to tell me stories such as yours.

tsiya said...

If a 12 year old kid tried to ride around at 4AM today he would need body guards. Some gubmint agency would arrest his folks for child abuse.
Oh, well, we can't go back!

Anonymous said...

Hi. Unsure of who you are, but say you are kin to us? I googled Weedman and found your nice comments on coke & peanuts. Yes, we Weedmans did that, too. My parents owned the store--so sorry we let it go, but the bureaucracy got to be too much!

Always like to hear from relatives. Am living in the north Georgia mountains now, but miss the west end of St. Johns county. Dad passed this year, so no need to stay anymore.

Saw that SophieMae talked about Two Egg. My husband is from Marianna, so we know about Two Egg. Small world, huh?

Shirley Weedman Spooner