Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Punishing Pencils, Camp Commotion, and the fever that results

Due to the fact that last Thursday's post was so rudely cut short by an incorrigible mechanical pencil, I did not get to finish telling you about where I would be this past weekend. The pencil has been relegated to a dark desk drawer until it screams its apologies...It will be there a while, that danged pigheaded writing utensil.
...Now I will continue that post, saying it aloud as I type in order to further frustrate my former friend (the pencil.)


Every summer for as long as I can remember, I have been volunteering at a camp for people with disabilities...or, to put it the way I prefer to, people with different abilities.
This doesn't make me special or accomplished because volunteering there is not a sacrifice for me, it is a joy. The camp involves pairing up high school and college-aged people who bear (and contribute to) all the problems of this world-"buddies"- with those who are blessed with the joy of God no matter where they go-"campers."
(HINT--------> I'm definitely a buddy :-D)

Just starting this past year, two camps were set up to take place over the weekend during the school year. The first one occurred in October, but I balked at volunteering because I was afraid I would have too much school work, and would not be able to finish it if I was gone all weekend...I didn't have but an hour of homework that weekend.
Feeling bad about that, I decided to volunteer for this weekend, and, of course, I ended up having about 5-6 hours of homework and studying to do this weekend.
Teachers can be unpredicatable and goofy.

Camp was great fun as usual, and the weekend went by very smoothly with the exception of one blip on Saturday night...The details of which I will not share so I don't interfere with anybody's privacy. Everything turned out okay, though.
I would love to post pictures and tell you more about the camper I became friends with, but once again, I don't want to break anybody's privacy.
I'll just end that by saying it was a great time.

Pencil: My weekend was just dandy! ...Sitting in this danged drawer all weekend.
I don't want to hear it unless it's an apology, pencil!
You BETTER hope I don't get out of this drawer!
Shut up, pencil!

Where was I? ...Oh, yes.

I returned from camp Sunday night with the full expectation of studying literally all night. Now I don't do this a lot, only when it is necessary, but I had three energy drinks on standby to help me through the night. I was determined to ace that calculus quiz the next day...

I woke up.

"Dangit, it's already 6:30 (A.M.) and my throat's sore," I thought.
"And, whew, does my body ache!"

So started three days of a continuous 100+ degree fever that I still am carrying right now.
This is my third day straight absent from school...And unless I kick this fever by this evening, it looks like tomorrow will be my fourth.

I don't even want to THINK about all the work I am going to have to make up when I return.
But I still wouldn't trade this past weekend for anything :-D


threecollie said...

I am really sorry to hear that you are ill...and very impressed by your volunteerism. Good for you! (Is there any way you can tape that drawer shut? I really wouldn't trust that pencil too far.)

Paintsmh said...

I am with my mom. Sorry you are sick and beware the pencil of doom. I say we put it to work. Not writing. As that is obviously something it is unwilling to work at peak performance, but at some horrible drudge type of work. Perhaps there is a nice young plant somewhere that could use a prop?

And it is nice to know there are young guys in the world that are willing to give up a weekend to volunteer! My hat is off to you.

Hurricane Teen said...

threecollie - Like I say, it's not volunteerism, it's just something I enjoy.

paint - hmmm very good idea...I do have some young Datil seedlings that could use some staking...ha ha. And I wouldn't say I gave up the weekend, I just spent it at camp. There a lots of other young guys there, too :-D

Paintsmh said...

With most of the young guys I know that would not be a recommendation. And you have to understand, that to me, camp at this time of year is a foreign concept. Seeing as we have a fresh foot of snow.

And mmm pepper plants. :)

Floridacracker said...

I may be goofy, but at least my pencil knows who's boss.
...Course, I use real pencils made from trees ... they have better manners.

Very good of you to be a buddy at camp.
I hope that fever fades quickly and that you are well again.

Hurricane Teen said...

paint - It was nice having camp in the winter.

FC - Yes, but wooden pencils (if I may call them that without offending them) are not self-sufficient enough for me...always have to go sharpening them every class period!
I have no voice right now, ha ha.