Friday, February 15, 2008

Froggy Friday Florida Crackerism

I'm off to the Battle of Olustee Reenactment for the weekend. I hope maybe some of my Florida readers can make it and see some lage explosions while learning about the largest battle in Florida during the WBTS! I'll be back Monday morning! For now, today's crackerism is not quite as hard as last week's.

"God a'mighty, what a toad strangler!"

Hint: Meteorology

Have a great weekend!


Paintsmh said...

Only thing I can think of is rain, though I am not sure that makes much sense.

SwampAngel65 said...

I believe that refers to a bad storm, a nasty downpour! Boy, I wish we'd get one. Lake Okeechobee really needs it.

Have fun at the battle!

Floridacracker said...

A heavy downpour.
I usually sub "frog" for "toad", this is a favorite of mine.

tsiya said...

Where did you go?
Have you been captured by the Yankees? If we don't hear from you soon, they'd better look out!

Hurricane Teen said...

Good job all of you!
This is one of my favorite crackerisms because I get to use it A LOT during our summer downpours.

tsiya - No, we ran them all back to Jacksonville! I'm here trying to reconnect with the real, modern world.

tsiya said...

One of these days we need to get together, and talk some stuff about black powder. I reckon I've burnt my share.

Paintsmh said...

Please tell me I still count as a Northerner...cause otherwise I might become too frightened to visit regularly!

Hurricane Teen said...

tsiya - Well we live very close, so I would be happy to meet you somewhere. Just give me some details and we can work something out.

paint - I would never consider a hardworking, kind person like you a yankee! :-D

Paintsmh said...

Thank GOD!!! I was getting worried, what with the new Yankee remarks from everybody south of here. Was scary for a minute! And thanks for the kind words!!